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Our star The Sun has a dramatic influence on our everyday weather. It is the energy source that drives our planet. Although the Sun's energy output is fairly constant it does have an 11 year sunspot cycle where in the peak years of this cycle, the numbers of sunspots increase and the likleyhood of  Solar storm activity also increases. The effects of these storms are felt here on earth in a number of ways, not least in the appearance of Auroras but also it affects all kinds of radio communications. Check out the links below for much more imformation.

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Watch the weather from space

Solar X Rays

Geomagnetic Field

                                                       He I 10830 A                                                  Solar Storm Monitor                                          Coronal Holes

                                                     Aurora North                                                           Aurora South

                                                  Arctic Aurora cam                                                Antarctic Aurora cam

           MTI Continiuum                               SDO HMI Magnetogram                       SOHO  LASCO C3                          SOHO ASCO C2

   Stereo Satellites animation                         Full Disk Magnetogram                          Current Visible                           Current Corona Image             

       Radio flux progression                        Sunspot Number Progression              Planetary K Index chart         

Solar wind Prediction

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Documentaries about Solar Storms

NOAA Space Weather Scales

Space Weather Articles

Most scientists agree that it's not if but when a Solar Superstorm strikes our planet. The effects of such a strike have the potential to be devastating to our power infrastructure and satellites to name but two vulnerable systems. The articles reproduced below will bring home to you just how real this risk is...
make your own mind up.

> Why we face grave danger from space (Daily Telegraph Aug 2013)

> How would a Solar Superstorm impact the UK's Infrastructure

> What damage could be done by a massive solar storm

> Europe's Space Weather Centre to track Solar Storms

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