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DISASTERS - How to prepare for and survive them

We live in dangerous times and because of climate change there is good evidence that the weather will become more violent and unstable in the years to come. Below are various guides on how to prepare yourself for and survive various types of Natural disasters. These guides are not exhaustive but give good common sense advice.

                                                                                  For a risk assessment for Natural disasters in Cyprus
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Lack of information in a disaster is perhaps the most likely cause of widespread panic. Accurate information is essential to enable you to make educated decisions for you and your family. Make sure you have as many ways of communicating with you as possible.

1. Smart Phone plus means to charge it even if the power goes out, this can be achieved by USB from a wind up devicesuch as a radio or flashlight with a USB socket
    or from a solar power charger or power pack.

2. Install weather and disaster warning /survival apps on your phone especially ones that still work offline. Make sure your phone has GPS for navigation and
    download the maps onto your phones storage so you can still navigate even if there are no cellular or wifi signals.

3. Two way radios - such as Ham Radio, CB Radio, PMR, FRS or GMRS plus the means to charge them up as above so that if the cellular phone system goes down
    you can maintain contact with each other and others within range.

4. AM/FM/Shortwave  radio, preferably with wind up or solar charging facility so that you can monitor public servicemessages from Federal/Local Government or
    other official sources

See the WIKI's below for further info.

** ALWAYS listen to your local Emergency Broadcast System, TV or radio stations for up to date information specific to your area **

If you are a healthy adult please consider


Cyprus Emergency Telephone numbers

In the event of a disaster you might get it back !!!

                                            WIKI's                                                                   Be Prepared & sources of information

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Power cuts / outages

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